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All weapons have 3 important statistics: damage range, attack speed in action points, and reach. Additionally, crossbows have fire/reload speed and, in some cases, multi shot capacity.

The game offers eight different types of weapon. Each type has its own passive trait that increases along with your skill with the weapon. The higher the skill, the higher the chance to score the special effect associated with your weapon.

  • Daggers - Increased critical chance for aimed attacks.
  • Swords - Chance of causing bleeding
  • Axes - Chance to do 125% damage
  • Hammers - Chance to dent armor(-1 DR)
  • Spears - Chance to interrupt attempts to close in
  • Bows - Chance of Cripple
  • Crossbows - Chance of Knockdown
  • Throwing - Chance to bypass armor