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Introduction[edit | edit source]

All weapons have three important statistics: Damage Range, Attack Speed in Action points, and Reach. Additionally, crossbows have Fire/Reload Speed and, in some cases, Multishot capacity. Some weapons have special abilities like ignoring shields or cutting into the enemy's armor more effectively.

The game offers eight different types of weapon. Each type has its own passive trait that increases along with your skill with the weapon. The higher the skill, the higher the chance to score the special effect associated with your weapon.

Certain weapons offer special bonus, such as a bonus to the passive effect of the weapon, a bonus to counter-attack, higher DR penetration (vsDR) or a to-hit bonus.

Explanation on Passives [1][edit | edit source]

  • Whenever you hit an attack, the game first checks for a critical hit. Failing that, it checks for a passive. You cannot score a critical hit and a passive on the same attack roll.
  • There are two weapons that don't roll for a passive: the spear and the dagger.
  • Spears have a unique mechanic. Instead of rolling for an additional effect on every successful attack, the spear wielder has a chance to perform an "Interrupt Attack" every time an enemy walks into his threatened area. This has no AP cost and there is no limit of attacks per turn.
  • Daggers don't roll for a passive. Instead, they add their passive chance to their CS chance, but only for targeted attacks.

References[edit | edit source]