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Vardanis is a minor NPC in Act I of The Age of Decadence. Only the Drifter or Mercenary can encounter him, and it is optional in either case.

Vignette[edit | edit source]

If your Background is Mercenary, you will automatically get the chance to accompany Vardanis to sell off Gracius's possessions after you fail to protect the latter from assassination. If your Background is Drifter, you only get the same opportunity if you (1) ask the innkeeper about finding work, then (2) claim you can handle yourself in a fight. In both cases you may buy a variety of gear from Vardanis before departing. See either of those Vignettes for further details.

For Sale[edit | edit source]

All metal gear is in bronze only 1 of each Shield Pilum, Plumbata & Karda (20 of each) 5 Nets Hand, Heavy & Standard Crossbow Long, Kemetian & Short Bow 30 Regular Missiles Gladius, Shamshir, Khopesh & Scimitar Zaghnal, Skeggox & Labrys Khanjar & Pugio Marculus, Mallet & Sledgehammer Hasta, Dori & Krokspar Leather Armor Auxiliary Armor Auxiliary Helmet Rope

Gear[edit | edit source]

Iron Pugio 250g Short Robe

Stats[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]