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Teron Palace - House Daratan Palace in Teron.

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Infiltrator Trait[edit | edit source]

Talk to Dellar, 2. Look for an alternative way in.

  • Pretend to be a guard and go through the guard entrance Impersonate:[4] and item 413?
  • I'm looking for a job. Are you saying you don't need more men? Impersonate+Streetwise=[5]
  • Look, I don't want to get you in trouble, but what do you think Flavius would say when he finds out that you've been turning new recruits away? Persuasion:[4]
  • I'm looking for a job. My father was a guardsman all his life; this is his old armor. I want to serve Daratan like my old man did. Please… " Impersonate:[3]
  • They told me to report in today. I guess I'm early. There should be a lot more people. Impersonate+Streetwise=[5]
  • I'm looking for a job. Are you saying you don't need more men?" Persuasion:[4]
  • "Two gladii forming the number "II" over a burning fort on his left shoulder." Lore:[2]
  • Go outside, toward the right side of the compound. Sneak:[3]
  • Pick the lock. As quietly as you can. Lockpick:[3] Sneak:[3]
  • cause I was sent here to make sure the wine gets to the palace today, not next week, you old oaf. Impersonate:[4]
  • I'll give you 200. It's less than 250, but more than you'll get after you pay the guards to keep quiet about breaking people legs and extorting money. It's a good deal. Don't be greedy and take it. Trading:[4]
  • Lunge at him. Critical strike:[4] + HP:[25] or Critical strike:[5]
  • Bark "Is that how you salute an officer, swine? Stop eyeballing me! You're not worthy to look your superiors in the eyes. Stand straight, eyes forward!Impersonate:[4]
  • Darabus. Darabus say "Master need vine", give me amphora to carry - I carry.Impersonate:[4]
  • "I'm a lowly servant, lord captain. They tell me to bring food, I bring food. They tell me to bring wine, I bring wine. I don't ask why – it's not my place. Would lord captain like some wine?" Impersonate:[5]
  • Kill him without attracting anyone's attention. Critical strike:[3]
  • "The Commander wants to see you. He said that if you're drunk again, you'll be scrubbing floors for a week." Streetwise:[3]
  • Climb over the wall. Sneak:[3]
  • Use the rope with the grappling hook. Throwing:[3]
  • Wait for the guard to pass you, get behind him, and kill him. Sneak+Critical strike=[6] + HP:[25] or Sneak+Critical strike=[7]
  • Pick a lock and jump down. Lockpick:[3]
  • Fall as silently as possible. Dexterity+Sneak=12
  • Kill the guard. Critical strike:[3] + HP:[25] or Critical strike:[4]
  • Examine the displays. Perception:[10] or Traps:[4]
  • Roll under the bars before they lock you inside the room. Dexterity:[9]
  • Find the mechanism controlling the bars. Perception:[7]
  • Start figuring it out. Intelligence + Crafting = [8],[11]
  • Mantra scroll Lore:[7]
  • Look for a way to open the chest. Perception:[7]
  • Find something nice to wear. Impersonate +Etiquette = [5]
  • Make a silent run toward the stairs leading down. [Dexterity]]+Sneak=12
  • The room on the right. Sneak:[4]
  • Take out the guards from behind, one by one, then deal with the centurion. Sneak+Critical strike=[7]
  • "I'm not a fighting <man/woman>, so you might as well order your men to cut me down and give him," nod at the guard who let you in, "a pat on the back for a job well done. If you think he deserves it. Persuasion:[4]
  • "Like I said, I've made it this far. If fighting men could handle everything, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now, would we? To put it simply, there are certain situations where brute force isn't the best approach. A <man/woman> like me might come in handy. Persuasion+Charisma=12
  • "I swear to serve you, your cause, and House Daratan faithfully, never cause you harm and will observe my homage to you completely against all persons in good faith and without deceit. Etiquette:[3]
  • Killing folks has always been easy for me. It's not a talent that many people admire, but every now and then comes a time when you want someone dead. A <man/woman> of my skills might come in handy. Bodycount:[8]
  • I did kill a few men but they were of no use to you, my Lord. Their incompetence was putting your life in danger. Had they been properly selected and trained, I would be dead or in chains, and they would still be alive, would they not? Persuasion:[4]

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