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Teron is one of the three main population centers in The Age of Decadence.

Teron Map

Lore[edit | edit source]

Teron is a small, crumbling town far away from the main tracks of travelers and caravans. It's been dying for the last hundred years or so, kept alive only by the combined efforts of its inhabitants. Broken stonework has been replaced by makeshift wooden construction, creating the impression that a new town is slowly emerging from the ruins of the old one.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Teron Palace[edit | edit source]

Palace of House Daratan, starting location for the Praetor background.

Teron Merchants Plaza[edit | edit source]

Headquarter of Commercium in Teron, starting location for the Merchant background.

Teron Blacksmith[edit | edit source]

Sells the iron armor and weapons in town, crafting schematics, and offers repair services.

Teron Healer[edit | edit source]

Teron Healer - Restore HP for gold. (Based on damage taken)

The Last Meal[edit | edit source]

Inn in Teron. Grifter, Drifter, and Mercenary starting area.

Teron Assasins Guild[edit | edit source]

Boatmen of Styx Headquarter in Teron, starting location for Assassin background.

Teron Barracks[edit | edit source]

Imperial Guards Headquarter in Teron

Feng's House[edit | edit source]

House of loremaster Feng, starting location for the Loremaster background.

Teron Gate[edit | edit source]

Gate of Teron city. Aemolas is met here.

Teron Tavern[edit | edit source]

Thives Guild Headquarter in Teron. Thief starting location. Go behind the tavern for the Livia interaction.

Teron Tower Cellar[edit | edit source]

Tower near Teron Healer. Source of Jellyfish Artefact.

Alchemy reagents[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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