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Description DR Protection vs Penalty Splitting Res Image
Ranged Critical Dodge Sneak THC
Buckler - The lightest style of shield, favored by quick fighters. It has a convex shape designed to ward off blows, allowing for a swift counterattack. Due to its small size, the buckler is useless in unskilled hands. 5 5 30 0% 0% 0 0% Buckler.png
Cavalry Shield - A medium-weight oval shield mostly used by cavalry and auxiliary troops. Oval shields could be found everywhere, from Kemet to Ashkaan. They offer good defence and reasonable mobility. 6 10 35 20% 20% 10 5% CavalryShield.png
Infantry Shield - A larger, rectangular shield with a slightly curved profile, this piece was designed for slowly advancing legionnaires who would utilize group defensive formations like the famous "turtle". It may be less useful to a lone fighter. 7 15 40 30% 30% 15 10% InfantryShield.png
Tower Shield - A heavy rectangular shield with a slightly curved profile, the tower shield provides unparalleled protection for a stationary unit, but is cumbersome and unwieldy, severely taxing its owner's mobility and response time. 8 20 50 40% 40% 20 15% TowerShield.png