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There are a few kinds of reputation in The Age of Decadence.

Body count[edit | edit source]

Body count - tells everyone how many people that crossed your path ended up dead and shows that you aren't squeamish when it comes to killing.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Combat - it's not about how many lives you've taken, it's about how many times you've gone up against impossible odds and lived to tell the tale. It's the real deal.

Loyalty[edit | edit source]

Loyalty - measures your loyalty and whether or not you're the type who goes down with the ship or jumps it like a rat. Then again, some opportunities simply can't be missed.

Peacemaker[edit | edit source]

Peacemaker - it tells people that you prefer to seek peaceful solutions. Some people may find it very reassuring.

Prestige[edit | edit source]

Prestige - measures your fame and influence. Are you an adventurer of great renown? An ambitious up-and-comer? Do you command respect? This stat will tell you (and other people who might be paying attention).

Word of Honor[edit | edit source]

Word of Honor - measures how well you keep your word once it's given. Some people might trust you more if your word is your bond.