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The Outpost is one of the locations you can travel to in Act I of The Age of Decadence.

Quick Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Gain entrance to the outpost.
    • Kill everyone.
    • Use subterfuge, climb the wall at night, and sneak inside.
    • Approach them as a loremaster looking for work.
    • Pretend to be the loremaster they were waiting for.
  2. Deal with the machine.
  3. Report to Dellar.

You can convince the Raiders to attack the outpost and kill them all without getting your hands dirty.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Gain entrance to the outpost.
  1. Deal with the machine.
    • Activate the machines first mode of smelting with a Power Module, Crafting:[4], and Lore:[6].
      • If you are a Praetor, you can learn the "mantra" to use the machine from Sohran, the Aurelian loremaster you intercept earlier. That will lower the skill check to Lore:[5].
  2. Return to Dellar
    • If you activate the first mode of the machine after killing everyone, you gain 4 reputation with House Daratan, and lose 3 with House Aurelian. You can active the machine at a latter moment, if you want to spare some skill points at this time. Your skill reward for completing the mission will be the same, but you will win 75 gold instead of 150.
    • If you blow up the mine, you gain +2 reputation with House Daratan but lose nothing, with no witnesses.
    • If you sneak in and steal the Power Module and leave without killing anyone you gain +1 reputation with House Daratan.
  3. If you activate the first mode of the machine without attacking the outpost, you are asked to be escorted to Maadoran to be presented to Lord Gaelius. Prestige +1.

Tips on Killing the Outpost[edit | edit source]

  1. Killing them yourself
    • Killing the men outside first, then coming back later.
      • When you come back, you will find that the two remaining legionaries barricaded the entrance and armed the slaves.
        • Jump the barricade while avoiding the arrows Dodge:[5] or Block:[4]. If you fail, you lose 10 HP. Kill them.
          • Pass a check to enter the mine Perception:[8] or Traps:[3]. If you fail, you lose 20 HP and permanently lose 2 maximum HP.
    • Poison the guards before the attack.
      • To do this you need ask around who's been buying supplies regularly. If you pay 50 imperials for the information or have the Merchant background, some of the storekeepers will tell you that Rhaskos has been buying too many supplies “for a shanty town trash”. Talk to Rhaskos and convince him to spike the wine that he is delivering with poison [Pay 100 imperials](20 imperials with Trading:[3]), Body Count:[8], Praetor Background, or kill him and deliver the poisoned wine yourself. If you decide for the second option, the guards will ask some questions and you need Impersonate+Streetwise=[6], or Impersonate:[2]+Charisma:[8] to answer them properly.
      • Obtain the poison.
        • Buy rat poison from the merchants for 5 gold.
        • Convince the alchemist at the market to sell you a stronger poison for 50 gold, [Persuasion 3] or [Merchant Guild Background].
        • Obtain a stronger poison made by Coltan Assassin Background.
        • Create your own poison with alchemy Alchemy:[4] or [6].
          • If the poison is potent, you can kill the first guard more easily Critical Strike:[2].
  2. You can convince the raiders at the Bandit Camp to attack the Aurelian outpost, and only their leader, Esbenus, will survive. He is wounded.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Outside[edit | edit source]

Inside[edit | edit source]

Barrels Inside[edit | edit source]

Crates Inside[edit | edit source]

After Act II[edit | edit source]

After Maadoran, if you come back to the mine and you didn't blow it up, you need House Reputation 15 or be a Praetor to be allowed to enter the mines. The machine will be running, regardless of your Power Module interaction with it. It can now be upgraded a second time to start producing Blue Steel. You are awarded 10 lbs. of Blue Steel for its upgrade.

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