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Monastery is one of the locations in the game The Age of Decadence.

Monastery[edit | edit source]

Can be unlocked by healer in Maadoran Merchants Plaza after using her services 3 times - The Elixir quest.

Note - Do not visit until you're ready to face either the raiders or villagers, because the raiders eventually ransack the monestary.

Event[edit | edit source]

You will meet the raiders at the bridge waiting to attack the Monastery. By talking to Daneus you can trick them that you are Imperial Guard by passing the following checks: [Impersonate 5], [Streetwise], and [Persuasion + Streetwise]. Additionally, you can fight them all or you can join them on the attack.

You cal also push them off the cliff by passing [Strength][Dexterity] check.

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Monastery Interior Chamber[edit | edit source]

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