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The Library of Saross - one of the places you can visit in The Age of Decadence.

The prospector[edit | edit source]

Library of Saross will be available only if you talked to Abukar (the loremaster of the Maadoran Merchants Plaza) and learned about his trip to the Library. When you arrive at the library, you will find a prospector camped near the entrance. He will invite you to join him and offer you coffee. You can:

  • Kill him (and get the Air valve from his body).
  • Accept the invitation, get poisoned with the coffee [-20 HP] and fight while you still can;
  • Accept the invitation, notice that you just drank poisoned coffee Alchemy:[4]. If you have Poison you can try to distract him Streetwise:[4] to Poison his coffee;
  • Accept his invitation, use an Antidote to stop the poison, and then fight him;
  • Reject the invitation, because you realize that his body language is wrong Perception:[5] or Streetwise:[5].
    • Tell him to pack his things and leave Bodycount:[25]
    • Convince him that the Legatus will be there any minute and that he will crucify the prospector Streetwise:[6],

Go inside. The library has two floors and a basement. The upper floor has only bookshelves with lore. Climb down to the basement.

The basement[edit | edit source]

There are three important things here: the bookshelves, the generator and the secret chambers. You will find some lore and can add three locations to your map, Zamedi, The Arch and Inferiae if you have Lore:[3].

To fix the generator you need:
  1. Lore:[3] + Crafting:[3] to examine it properly and attempt to fix it
  2. Air valve
    • Crafting:[4] to reattach the Air valve, that you get from the prospector’s body. You got one from the prospector, if you killed him.
  3. Oil injector:

If you didn’t kill the prospector, you need to talk to Abukar you need either Persuasion:[6] or Streetwise:[5] + Intelligence:[7] to get the Oil injector and learn that he sold the Air valve to the Curio storekeeper.

The secret chamber[edit | edit source]

Now go to the broken elevator. There is a switch behind it. To find it you need :

  • Perception:[7] if you are unaware of a hidden chamber;
  • Perception:[6] if the prospector told you something about it because he believed you would die with the poison and you were smart enough to infer that there is another secret chamber Intelligence:[8];
  • Intelligence:[7] if you found a debris outside the library and removed it Strength, thus revealing a vent and indicating a secret chamber downstairs. Push the switch and reveal a small chamber with stone tablets. To decipher them partially Lore:[5] or have a more clear understanding of their meaning Lore:[7]. If you have Perception:[8], you will notice a tablet hole. Insert the Grooved Sphere in the hole and extract the Surgical Kit. [1]

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