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A guardian encountered at Zamedi

Guardian is a magical entity. Among ordinary men, they are known simply as demon. Two guardians can be encountered in two different places: the tower at Zamedi and the ruins at Inferiae.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warning: This section may contain spoilers for the game.

Guardian is an entity created through the engineering feat of the Magi. Its form appears to be a bull-headed humanoid with four arms. Its eyes emit a yellow-ish glow and a nose-ring is pierced between its nose. Its four arms are able to conjure swords in an instant. Its form is thought to be a tribute to Apis legion. The guardian's black, hardened skin appears to common eyes as if it were made of stone, as most would confuse it as a statue at first. But the archives at Zamedi Tower reveal that it is actually made of some sort of metallic crystal grown around the power core that sustains and animates the entity. The guardian is able to think independently, form complex thoughts, and talk eloquently in human speech. However, its mind seems to be composed of computer-like processors. One guardian at Inferiae lost a part of its head, rendering it incapable of coherent human speech, and resorting to robotic input-output feedback.

The entity is created to assist the Magi in their magical experiments, notably the one that eventually led to The Great War. When discovered by the player, the guardians have been left alone by its masters for 382 years.

It is subservient to the Tower Ring that control its core. When a guardian gains the ring that controls it, it will become its own master.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Inferiae[edit | edit source]


Zamedi[edit | edit source]

You can fight him or help him in getting his freedom. He also can be inquired about facts from the past if you learn his weaknesses in the Top Console at the tower.