Darius' Tomb

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Darius' Tomb is one of the locations in the game The Age of Decadence.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Accessible only for Aurelian Praetor.

When you arrive at the tomb, you can kill the raiders outside or mention that you are looking for an artifact. Enter the tomb. You find a corridor leading to a caved-in side passage and a sarcophagus filled with the raiders' loot: gems, jewellery, golden coins and a few expensive ingots. You can kill the raiders to take their loot or leave it alone.

To reach the hidden room containing the helmet of destiny, you need to find a door on the corridor wall Perception:[8] or Perception:[6] + Intelligence:[8]. Then you can either:

  • Find the switch that will open it Perception:[9], or Perception:[8] if you leave the door and come back (bug?);
  • Push the door out of the way Strength:[8];
  • Ask the raiders (or Gaelius’ men, if you killed the raiders) to help you push the door out of the way;
  • Blow it up Alchemy:[5].

No matter which method you choose, if the raiders are still alive they will come to see what you are doing, and tell you to go in first.

In the hidden room is an old sarcophagus carved with symbols and two altars. The text on the sarcophagus describe Darius’ accomplishments and part of his history, and with Lore:[5] you will also realize that the altars are dangerous.

Inside the sarcophagus is a mummified corpse, wearing a blue steel cuirass and the helmet.[1]

If you open the sarcophagus and you didn't kill the raiders, they will tell you that they own everything in the tomb, and to keep your hands to yourself. In this case you can:

  • Kill them all;
  • Convince them that you just want the helmet Streetwise + Charisma = [11], take the helmet and leave, or change your mind and kill them all;
  • (If you know that the altars are dangerous) Convince them that the altars contain gold, thus killing three raiders with an electrical current. With the remaining three raiders, you must:
    • Fight them;
    • Convince them to lower their weapons because you control the power of the tomb Streetwise + Impersonate = [6].

Note that the helmet of destiny is a quest item, not a piece of armor, and thus cannot be worn for protection in combat.

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