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To open the and console commands in the game, type commands into the prompt after pressing the grave key ( ` ). It is very possible to break the game with these commands, both technically and in spirit. Back up your save files.

Popular[edit | edit source]

(Replace x with a number value)

  • Add skill points
    • dlgaddskillpoints(x)
  • Change stat points (Can place a - before x to lower the stat by that number. Replace y with one of the following: str dex con per int cha)
    • dlgChangeStat(y,x)
  • Change a specific skill (Can place a - before x to lower the skill by that number. Replace y with the skill name)
    • dlgChangeSkill(y,x)
  • Change the training stat in skill (Replace y with the skill name)
    • dlgChangeTraining(y,x)
  • Change reputation (Can place + or - before x to raise or lower the stat.)
    • Replace y with one of the following: aurelian; crassus; daratan; assassins; commercium; guards; thieves; bodycount; combat; loyalty; peacemaker; honor
      • dlgChangeRep(y,x)
  • Add Gold
    • dlgChangeMoney(x)
  • Set Full HP
    • CheatHP()

Commands of note[edit | edit source]

  • Teleport to the Abyss even after it's locked out. (possible game breaker)
    • switchMission("Maadoran_Abyss.mis")
  • Add Godslayer trait
    • dlgAddRank(49)
  • Add Mind Shield trait
    • dlgAddRank(51)
  • Easily Locked out Quest Zones
    • Add Miltiades to Maadoran if you didn't do his quest start in Teron
      • aod.npc_miltiades_findInMaadoran = 1
    • Ordu fight
      • revealMapLocation("ThePass")
    • Darius quests
      • revealMapLocation("DariusTomb")

Items of note[edit | edit source]

Item IDs[edit | edit source]

To be used with dlgAddItem(x,#)

Links[edit | edit source]

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