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Short bow - A simple bow fashioned from a single piece of elm wood, this weapon lacks power and range, but is quick to shoot and has a low draw weight.

It's suitable for small game, animal and otherwise.

Speed AP 5, Reload Speed AP 0, THC Bonus 9%

Lumber:Damage 6-9, Capacity 1

Recurved Ordu Bow - A short, composite birch bow reinforced with deer horn.

The Ordu bow is as much a part of the nomads' culture as the horse, and since it takes almost a year to craft a single one, it is never traded, only recovered from dead riders.

Speed AP 5, Reload Speed AP 0, THC Bonus 6%

Lumber:Damage 6-9, Capacity 1

Kemetian bow - A medium-draw bow used by Kemetian charioteers to deadly effect.

Unlike most of its brethren, this bow is constructed entirely from horn, and bound to an acacia wood section in the center.

Speed AP 6, Reload Speed AP 0

Lumber:Damage 9-15, Capacity 1

Recurved Scythian Bow - This long and powerful Scythian bow, famous for it's incurvation, is distinguished by it's triangular center section and smoothly recurved tips. Speed AP 7, Reload Speed AP 0

Lumber:Damage 12-16, Capacity 1

Long bow - One of the most powerful bows, the longbow is fashioned from a single length of yew wood.

The longbow's power is limited only by the strength of the archer, and in the right hands can punch holes through even plate armor.

Speed AP 7, Reload Speed AP 0

Lumber:Damage 11-18, Capacity 1